Professional networks

We lead the Wales Tobacco or Health Network (WTHN) and the Wales Tobacco Control Alliance (WTCA) action groups and we are also members of the UK-wide Smokefree Action Coalition (SFAC) led by ASH England.

Corporate Partners & Sponsors

We work with a number of corporate partners and sponsors on professional development events such as our bi-annual international conference and other one-off events.

Support our work

Support our crucial work and prevent young people from taking up a killer habit - you're just one click away!


We regularly run smoking-related surveys to gather evidence for our future campaigns.

Consultation Responses

We respond to consultations relating to tobacco and health in Wales and the across the UK. Our responses to the most recent consultations can be found below.

Upcoming events

Join us for workshops, events and briefings all across Wales covering a range of smoking and tobacco-related topics.