Quit smoking advice & information

Well done! By clicking here you've taken your first step to becoming smokefree!

Quitting smoking can be a struggle - nicotine is a powerful, addictive drug - but that's why we're here to give you all the information and advice you'll need to make it that little bit easier and say goodbye to smoking for good.

The first few weeks may be difficult but things will get better, especially with the stop smoking support you'll find below...

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Face-to-face support with Help Me Quit

Help Me Quit is a new, free NHS service in Wales. They offer one-to-one advice on the phone and in person or group support – whichever suits you. They can also recommend which nicotine replacements, such as patches or gum, are best for you and they can help you get these from your GP or pharmacy for free.

Did you know? Combining NHS help with a stop smoking medication is the best way of quitting.

Start your smokefree journey today and contact Help Me Quit:

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Quick and easy online support with Smokefree Me

Smokefree Me is a free, online community where you can get friendly advice from other quitters as well as daily tips and motivation straight to your Facebook feed. Smokefree Me’s advisers are also there offering quick, online advice on anything to do with smoking or quitting.


Young person? The Filter is here for you

The Filter Wales offers plenty of advice, particularly aimed at young people. They’re all over social media and offer individual support via Twitter and Facebook. They’ve also got a website jammed full of facts and information about quitting smoking, from how much you can save, to how smoking hurts the environment.

Chat to them at any of the links below...


Supporting someone to quit

If you're looking to support a friend or family member, give Help Me Quit a ring on 0800 085 2219 and they'll be able to give you advice and information to help your both or message Smokefree Me on Facebook if you'd prefer to chat online.