Smokefree Homes

Home And Kids

Smokefree Homes is here to support anyone who wants to make their home smokefree, whether that be by quitting smoking or simply stepping outside. We'll also be raising awareness around the issue of second-hand smoke and how it affects everybody in the home, especially children.

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Why Smokefree Homes?

  • For the kids 

Children are more vulnerable to second-hand smoke. They have small airways and breathe faster; their lungs and immune systems are still developing.

  • For your pets 

Our pets have small lungs like children too, and the smoke clings to their fur. They clean themselves by licking, when you smoke around them they lick the smoke particles that are on their fur. 

  • For your environment

80% of cigarette smoke is invisible - even when a cigarette is stubbed out the invisible poisons can stay around for up to 5 hours.

If you open a window, smoke under an extractor fan, in a different room or with the back door open it’s not enough to protect your kids or pets.

  • For everyone's safety

In the UK, someone dies from a fire caused by a cigarette every 3 days. In 2014/15, 163 fires were caused by smoking materials in Wales.

What can I do?

There's lots of handy hints and top tips over on our dedicated Smokefree Home website.

Smokefree Homes book

To launch Smokefree Homes, we invited primary schools from across Wales to create poems and posters to form a book. This'll be available to buy here for £5 from Monday 27th June 2016. Pre-order yours today!