Smokefree school gates

School gates are a key area where young people congregate daily, are influenced by adults around them and are affected by smoking.

Smokefree School Gates

Like our hugely successful smokefree playgrounds campaign, smokefree school gates involves a voluntary ban coupled with signage and a public awareness campaign. Wrexham was the first Local Authority in Wales to implement the ban with signage provided by ourselves. Many other councils such as Swansea and Ceredigion have now followed suit.


Research has found that children exposed to smoking are significantly more likely to start smoking themselves1. Children with two parents who smoke are three times more likely to take up the habit. Children with one parent who smoked were further found to be 70% more likely to start smoking. It is also known that two thirds of now-adult smokers took up smoking before the age of 182.

We know from opinion polls that public support for smokefree spaces in Wales is high. We have good links with public health representatives in other countries who have been actively involved in campaigning for and developing smokefree spaces.

Working with local authorities we are further developing smokefree policies that will protect young people from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke. There is also clear evidence that young people are influenced by seeing adults smoke.

  • If you are interested in campaigning for smokefree school gates near you, please contact us
Wrexham Gate Png
Wrexham's smokefree school gates launch


We've designed a toolkit for schools to support them in implementing smokefree gates at their institution. 

The toolkit includes:

  • Signage
  • Letters to parents / guardians
  • Template policy
  • Lesson plans


To celebrate the success our smokefree school gates campaign is having in Wales, we're inviting every primary school from across the country to enter our creative competition. 

We're asking for pupils to create poems and posters showing why no smoking at school gates is so important to them.

The top entries will be made into a mini book, which'll be available to buy after once the competition has ended, and the school with the most entries will win £100!

Download the info pack below or e-mail us for more.


1 Leonardi-Bee J, Jere ML, Britton J. Exposure to parental and sibling smoking and the risk of smoking uptake in childhood and adolescence: a systematic review and meta-analysis. 2011

2 Young People and Smoking. ASH England. July 2014