Every year we conduct an opinion poll in conjunction with YouGov around attitudes towards tobacco control. Here are the headline results:

  • High level of support, including among smokers, for businesses to have a valid licence to sell tobacco which can be removed if they are caught selling to those underage
  • Over a half indicated their support for raising the age of sale of cigarettes from 18 to 21
  • 92% of current smokers surveyed reported no illicit purchases of cigarettes, a rise from the figure of 79% observed in 2015
  • Continued support for extending the smoking ban to include places such parks, beaches and outdoor play areas
  • Those reporting use of e-cigarettes was much higher among smokers (68%) than non-smokers (9%)
  • As much as 23% think e-cigarettes are just as harmful as tobacco cigarettes
  • Of those who have tried e-cigarettes 64% consider them to be either less or a lot less satisfying than ordinary tobacco cigarettes
  • 52% support extending the law banning smoking in enclosed public places and workplaces to cover the use of e-cigarettes

Detailed results of the survey can be accessed here.