Plain Pack 2
Courtesy of ASH England

Plain or ‘standardised’ packaging will have all the attractive features and branding removed, only making them identifiable by a title in a set font. Packs will be a drab green colour and will have large graphic images covering 65% of them to highlight the hugely damaging health effects of smoking.

From Friday all tobacco products manufactured for sale in the UK must comply with the new laws. There is a one year transitional period to allow retailers to sell-through old stock and from May 2017 all tobacco products on sale in the UK must comply with these regulations.

The change in law, which received overwhelming support from MPs, aims to deter young people from taking up a habit which kills half of its long term users.

A classroom of children takes up smoking every day in Wales. 80% of smokers started before the age of 20 and 9% of 15 to 16 year olds currently smoke in Wales.

Suzanne Cass, Chief Executive of ASH Wales Cymru said, 

“Plain, standardised packaging becoming law in the UK will protect our young people, the tobacco industry’s potential future customers, from the devastating harms of smoking. It is a fact that teenagers are heavily influenced by what they see. Cigarette manufacturers have spent countless sums of money battling the implementation of plain packaging, resulting in the European Court of Justice to conclude that they are lawful.”

“Smoking claims the lives of 100,000 people every year in the UK, almost 6,000 of those being in Wales. Plain packaging is a vital step towards protecting our young generation.”

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